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Italian Ambassador to Cairo: Our country is deeply concerned about what is happening in the Gaza Strip

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Italian Ambassador to Cairo, Michele Quaroni, said that there is distinguished cooperation with the Egyptian authorities to bring aid into the Gaza Strip. Especially with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Health, as well as the Egyptian Red Crescent.

The Italian ambassador added that his country is deeply concerned about what is happening in the Gaza Strip, adding, “We are trying to do what we can in the field of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.”

He expressed his belief that the only way out of the crisis is a ceasefire and finding a viable, implementable and sustainable political solution.

The Italian ambassador in Cairo said that his country sent wounded children from Gaza to Italy to receive treatment, indicating that Italy will continue to transfer wounded Palestinians for treatment in Italian hospitals.

He pointed out that Italy joined the humanitarian sea corridor to help the people of Gaza, which is a sea corridor extending from Cyprus to Gaza.
The Italian ambassador praised Egypt’s role in all the various aspects related to the ceasefire negotiations in the Gaza Strip, explaining: “Egypt has begun and is still making great and noticeable progress on this path,” explaining that Egypt is an essential and central partner in finding the political solution, which is What I mentioned before is in order to move towards a political settlement that would achieve stability in the entire region.
He added: “There is a great continuation by the Egyptian state in supporting operations on all humanitarian aspects, and we fully support this.”
The Italian ambassador in Cairo continued: “We participated fully, as I said, in this matter, but once again, through this humanitarian effort, Egypt shows its great generosity and strong commitment to the people of Palestine.”
He stated that the Egyptian state also plays a major and vital role in all the necessary negotiations held in order to resolve this crisis in order to mediate a ceasefire and exchange of hostages.

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