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Russian Ambassador to Cairo: We provided all facilities to Russian voters to cast their votes

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Russian ambassador to Cairo, Georgy Borisenko, confirmed that about 35,000 Russians living in Egypt have the right to cast their votes in the Russian presidential elections that began yesterday, along with any Russian citizen currently visiting Egypt, through the polling stations set up at the headquarters of the Russian embassy in Cairo and at the two consulates. Russian cities in Alexandria and Hurghada.

The ambassador pointed out that large numbers of Russians had cast their votes via electronic voting after registering their names.

The Russian ambassador to Cairo expressed his thanks to the Egyptian authorities that are adopting security measures to provide insurance outside polling stations, explaining that the embassy provides all facilities for Russian voters to cast their votes with ease.
Borisenko said: Four candidates are competing in these elections: President Vladimir Putin is an “independent”, the Communist Party candidate Nikolai Kharitonov, the Liberal Democratic Party candidate Leonid Slutsky, and the New People’s Party candidate Vladislav Davankov, noting that these candidates have been participating in political life in Russia for some time. Long, including members of Parliament.
He explained that the electoral programs of the candidates are diverse, as Putin reviewed his political vision in the activities he carried out over the past year, while candidate Kharitonov focuses on supporting communist thought, and the other two candidates focus on supporting the free economy and achieving economic progress for the country, indicating that the new president will take the oath. Next May, his term will last six years.
He stressed the importance of the current presidential elections in Russia, which is witnessing difficult times in its contemporary history due to Western pressures, expressing his conviction that his country will be able to overcome these difficulties and achieve prosperity, prosperity and economic progress to be an example to other countries in the world.
The Russian elections began on Friday over a period of three days, but for Russian diplomatic missions abroad they were held only yesterday, as the Russian embassy in Cairo opened its doors to Russian voters from eight in the morning and the voting process continued until eight in the evening.

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