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Jordanian Ambassador to Cairo: The Jordanian Armed Forces carried out 111 airdrops in Gaza

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Amjad Al-Adaileh, the Jordanian ambassador to Cairo, confirmed that Jordanian-Egyptian coordination regarding the delivery of humanitarian, relief and medical aid to the Gaza Strip through many mechanisms is an essential axis in alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian brothers in the Strip.
Al-Adayleh said that the air aid carried out by Egypt and Jordan bilaterally, multilaterally or as part of their own efforts reflects the ongoing efforts and interest in searching for ways that could contribute to increasing the volume of aid that can be delivered to Gaza, in light of the restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities on Aid entry through the Rafah crossing.

Al-Adayleh stated that the Jordanian Armed Forces have carried out 111 airdrops to date, including 48 airdrops carried out by the Royal Jordanian Air Force in particular, and 63 airdrops with the participation of brotherly and friendly countries, and aircraft prepared by the Hashemite Charitable Organization and others in coordination with international organizations active in the relief field.

He pointed out that the Jordanian army used air landings with brotherly and friendly countries to break the Israeli siege and Israel’s attempts to use the weapon of starvation against the Palestinian people in an effort to terrorize the Palestinians and transform the Gaza issue from war, destruction and occupation into a humanitarian relief issue.

He said that the Jordanian approach to providing aid to the Gaza Strip is based on the status and interest of Palestine, as an issue, people and rights, with King Abdullah II and Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, as part of the philosophy of the Hashemite government towards Palestine and the religious and historical legitimacy on which the Hashemite custodianship is based. Its sanctities, pointing out that the first international figure to arrive on board a relief aid plane to Al-Arish Airport was Jordanian Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, and King Abdullah II was also the first world leader to participate in preparing aid heading from Jordan to the Gaza Strip and participated in the airdrops that It was carried out by Jordanian Air Force aircraft on the Gaza Strip.
Ambassador Al-Adayleh stressed that Jordan has not limited its support for the Palestinian brothers to the aid bridge it sends to the Gaza Strip only, but rather we have two field hospitals in the Strip run by the medical services of the armed forces. The first hospital has been operating since 2009 and the new hospital was established in Khan Yunis on November 20, 2023. After the war launched on the Gaza Strip, the two hospitals receive tens of thousands of sick and wounded Palestinians.

On another level, Jordan sought to strengthen the capabilities of the health sector in the West Bank, as it sent a field hospital to Nablus, which received thousands of cases and performed hundreds of surgeries for brothers in the West Bank. The Jordanian Ministry of Health prepared 6 trucks loaded with medicines and medical supplies that contributed to supporting medical services in the areas. West Bank.

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