The Singapore Embassy in Cairo participates in providing 20,000 food parcels to the Gaza Strip

By Manal Abdel Fattah

A statement issued by the Singaporean Embassy in Cairo said that the Singaporean organization Mercy Relief arrived in Cairo on March 15 and prepared more than 20,000 food parcels for distribution to 800 families in Gaza.

Kenny Tan, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Cairo, participated in the preparation efforts, emphasizing his country’s commitment to this crucial mission.

Members of the organization headed from Cairo to Ismailia to fill aid boxes to be delivered to Gaza across the Rafah border.

Each food parcel is worth US$25 (S$33) and includes more than 30 essential items such as sugar, rice, cooking oil, biscuits and dates.

These basic materials are sufficient for a family’s needs for a week. Wet wipes and sanitary napkins are also provided for women.

“We are sending these boxes by land with the help of logistics partners here. Our presence here is to ensure that the deliveries take place as scheduled and that the families receive the boxes, which was made possible by the generosity of the Singaporean public,” the Singaporean organization said.

In addition to distributing food boxes, Mercy Relief organizes iftar meals for Palestinian refugees in Egypt.

The statement said that this is the second time that the organization has provided humanitarian aid during the ongoing conflict.
In January, the organization provided seven trucks loaded with food and hygiene supplies to Palestinians in Rafah, and the effort is estimated to benefit approximately 22,000 people.

There are about a million Palestinians currently seeking shelter in Rafah, and the Air Force of the Republic of Singapore sent two aircraft and 69 personnel to provide humanitarian aid.

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