The Armenian Cultural Society organizes artistic performances in Cairo to narrate the history of Armenia

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Armenian Cultural Society “Hosapir”, in cooperation with the Embassy of Armenia in Cairo, organized an artistic performance by the Armenian folk dance group “Sardarabad” at the Heliopolis Library Theater.

According to a statement issued by the Armenian Embassy in Cairo, one of the most important and one of the foundations of the association is the preservation of Armenian culture, heritage and arts and the formation of the identity of Armenian youth through dancing, singing, theatre, publishing books and holding cultural seminars.

The statement said that from this ideology, the Armenian Culture Association “Hosapir” continues its mission that it began more than 50 years ago, when the artist Shakeh Ho Va Jamyan founded in 1971 and created the “Sardara Bad” band with the full sponsorship of the association.

Then Caroline Mazloumian led the troupe from 2005-2015 and then managed it, followed by the prima ballerina of the Egyptian Opera, artist Maryam Karapetian, from 2015 until today.

“Happy are the people who take pride in their art and cultural heritage.” From this standpoint, the “Sardarabad” troupe, consisting of 25 dancers, performed 14 Armenian dances that showcased regional cultural characteristics, folklore and music from various parts of Armenia to narrate the rich history, roots of the unique identity and artistic traditions of this country. Ancient civilization, where these dances are transmitted through generations, and serve as a means of communicating the present with the past.

They also delighted the audience with a popular Egyptian dance to the tune of the song “Halawat Shamsna” choreographed by the artist Mahmoud Reda. During the ceremony, Nora Kuhnelian recited a clip from the works of the famous poet Paruer Sevak in honor of his centenary.

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