The Egyptian delegation participating in the Russia Youth Festival surprises Russian children with Ramadan lanterns

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Within the framework of the activities of the regional program of the World Youth Festival in the city of Sochi, Russia, which was launched after the closing ceremony of the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin, delegations from 187 countries set off to participate in the regional program of visiting various Russian cities, where the organizing committee selected foreign delegations to visit Russian cities, and in Within this framework, a foreign delegation participated in a visit to Krasnoyarsk Governorate, and the foreign delegation included two girls from Egypt: Fatima Abu Samra and Yasmine Hamada.

The regional program included a visit to the Sovmin Orphanage, where the director of the home received the delegation of foreigners, and Fatima Abu Samra, a member of the Egyptian delegation and assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Bio-Agriculture at Heliopolis University, surprised the Russian children with a Ramadan lantern.

Abu Samra brought a quantity of Ramadan lanterns to give to the Russian children, and Fatima Abu Samra responded Samra received inquiries from Russian children about the story of the Ramadan lantern.

The Russian children expressed their happiness with the gift of the Ramadan lantern, and some of them, after learning the details of Ramadan rituals, confirmed their desire to visit Egypt during the holy month.

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