The Embassy of Canada celebrates French Language Day and the conclusion of Francophonie Month in Cairo

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Embassy of Canada in Cairo hosted a celebration on the occasion of French Language Day and the conclusion of Francophonie Month, on behalf of the French-speaking Ambassadors Group, where awards were distributed to French speakers in Egypt, and a virtual literary discussion was held, organized by the umbrella agency of Francophonie.

The celebration was attended by the Ambassador of Canada, Louis Dumas, the Ambassador of Belgium, François Cornet de Elsius, the Ambassador of Romania, Olivia Tudryn, the Ambassador of Senegal, Kemoko Diakite, the Ambassador of Chad, Chennai, Elimi Hassan, the Ambassador of Mauritius, Dattakran Jobardan, and David Sadolet, Advisor for Cooperation and Cultural Activity at the Embassy of France and Director of the French Cultural Centre. In Cairo.

In his speech, Ambassador Louis Dumas, Canadian Ambassador to Cairo, said: I am pleased to welcome you today to Canada’s official residence on behalf of the group of Francophone ambassadors in Cairo, on the occasion of International Francophonie Day and the conclusion of Francophonie Month in Egypt.

He continued: I would like to thank my colleagues at the French Embassy and the French Institute in Egypt, who are chairing the group of Francophone ambassadors this year, for their diligent coordination of the group’s activities, and I would also like to thank our partners in the University Agency of Francophonie for organizing the literary discussion this afternoon.

He added: Of course, I must thank our friends in the Egyptian government, in particular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Minister Sameh Shoukry, and Ambassador Fatima Al-Zahraa Etman, the President’s Personal Advisor to Francophonie, for their support.

The ambassador said: It has been a month full of Francophone activities. On March 20 of each year, Francophones and Francophone lovers around the world celebrate International Francophonie Day, as this day is marked by many events throughout the Francophone world and beyond.

He continued: This day gives us the opportunity to highlight the spirit of solidarity that has been guiding international cooperation in the Francophonie for more than half a century, and the solidarity that has become more necessary than ever before, and it also represents our commitment to the French language and the diversity of Francophone culture.

He added: This day is also of special importance to me and my country, as the French language is one of the official languages ​​in Canada alongside the English language, and it is an essential element in Canadian history and heritage.

The ambassador pointed out that French is the first official language spoken by 23% of Canada’s population, or nearly 8 million people, with most French-speaking Canadians living in Quebec, but also in New Brunswick, Ontario, Yukon, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

The Ambassador noted that Canadian Francophonie also enjoys the support of all Canadians who speak French as a second official language, with more than 10 million Canadians able to carry on a conversation in French.

He added: This large French-speaking and Francophone Canadian community is an integral part of our national identity and helps make it unique. Therefore, we attach great importance to preserving and protecting the French language both within the French-speaking world and on the international scene.

The Ambassador continued: Canada’s participation in Francophonie is strengthened by the vitality of French-speaking communities in Canada, including minority communities. All Canadians who speak French, regardless of their first language.

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