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The Australian Embassy in Cairo hosts a celebration on the occasion of International and Egyptian Women’s Day

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Australian Embassy in Cairo hosted a Ramadan Iftar and a celebration on the occasion of International Women’s Day and Egyptian Women’s Day, followed by a panel discussion on “Investing in Women,” in the presence of Australian Ambassador to Cairo Axel Ebenhorst, Canadian Ambassador Louis Dumas, Slovenian Ambassador Sasho Podelsnik, and a number of diplomats accredited to Egypt.

In his remarks, Ambassador Axel Ebenhorst, Australian Ambassador to Cairo, said: I would like to begin by acknowledging that war and aggression unfairly affect women and girls, and this is particularly the case in Gaza, where women and children face the most severe humanitarian impacts, for example, out of 31 One thousand Palestinian martyrs, there are at least 9 thousand women and 13 thousand children.

The ambassador added: I acknowledge the presence of Marwa Abu Daqqa, an Egyptian-Palestinian, who established community kitchens in Gaza for the International Central Kitchens, and continues to support the people of Gaza by delivering aid.

The Ambassador continued, “Tonight we will discuss the wonderful achievements made by women in our society and those working to promote gender equality.”

The Ambassador explained that Australia is committed to promoting gender equality and the human rights of women and girls, both in Australia and in its international engagement.

The ambassador added: By investing in women and girls, we will be able to confront the challenges we face, whether economic, security or climate-related. Investing in women and girls is the best way to achieve the goals of sustainable development, peace and security. When more women are empowered economically, economies grow. .

The Ambassador highlighted a panel of distinguished Egyptian women who attended for a discussion on how to create greater economic inclusion for women and girls.

The ambassador said that they have diverse experiences in areas including finance, investment, entrepreneurship, education, technology, sustainability and fashion, as he presented Amal Anan, who is the Chief Investment Officer at the American University in Cairo, Ola El Dajani, who is the founder of the first investment network in Egypt to focus specifically on women, and Taghreed Ramadan, who is the CEO of the American University in Cairo. One of the founders of a social enterprise that works to create job opportunities for women and youth in Cairo communities.

The ambassador added: I would like to extend special thanks to Soraya Bahgat for moderating the session. She is a social entrepreneur and advocate for women and girls in Egypt. In 2012, she founded the Liberation Guard, a movement of uniformed volunteers who intervened to save women and girls from sexual assault. mobs in Tahrir Square, and they intervened in more than 100 cases and raised awareness of the importance of justice for survivors.

He added: She also established a project to guide women and support their career advancement, as well as support organizations to adopt gender equality policies and practices, and she received the Champion of Change award on this year’s International Women’s Day in Cairo.

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