Kiev Embassy in Cairo: Ukraine has nothing to do with the terrorist attack on Moscow

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Ukrainian Embassy in Cairo denied any connection between Ukraine and the terrorist attack, which occurred last Friday, in the “Karkus” concert hall in Krasnogorsk, Moscow, when unidentified gunmen, wearing camouflage clothing, opened fire from automatic rifles before the start of the concert, and set the hall on fire. , which led to the fall and injury of many victims.

The embassy said, in a statement it distributed, “Immediately after the incident, some media outlets linked to the Kremlin claimed a possible Ukrainian connection to this terrorist attack. On March 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that all four perpetrators of this crime had been detained 100 km away.” km from the Ukrainian border.

The embassy pointed out that “the accusations directed against Ukraine of its involvement in this terrorist attack are incorrect, as the terrorist organization ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Russia, according to a statement published by (Amaq), its news agency, on the Telegram application.

Later, the organization published a clip A video of a person among the perpetrators of the terrorist attack.

She confirmed that “according to published information, the terrorist attack was carried out by citizens of Tajikistan in exchange for a reward of 500 thousand rubles. In addition, according to a statement by some media outlets, among them was a citizen of the Russian Federation.”

She stressed that “there is no evidence of a link between these attacks and Ukraine,” and expressed her concern that this attack could be used to spread the narrative of the “Ukrainian footprint,” and to favor political agendas over facts.

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