“Israeli attacks on Gaza are evil!”

Written by Ingy Ashraf,

Member of the Egyptian Mission to the UN, Ambassador Amr Essam, criticised the international community and gives a delicate speech at the UN.
As few days before Amr Essam made his powerful speech at the UN the delegation of israel spoke about the impact of terrorism on the middle east and have said that terrorism is evil and Amr reconfirmed that terrorism is evil but he condemned israel and stated that “bombing hospitals is evil, bombing churches is evil, siging civilians is evil, calling Palestinians human animals and children of the dark is evil, foreign occupation is very evil, nuclear weapons are evil, unset unsafe-guarded nuclear facilities for decades are evil” and he also added that genocides, violence, mass killings in the course of history always been evil and ended his speech that what’s happening in gaza now should not perceived as less evil and double standards are evil.

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