The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine denies its connection to the shooting incident in Moscow

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine flatly rejected the accusations that Russian officials began to make, claiming that Ukraine was involved in the shooting at the Crocus concert hall in Krasnohorsk near Moscow.

She added, in a statement distributed by the Ukrainian Embassy in Cairo: We consider such accusations to be a planned provocation by the Kremlin with the aim of further fueling anti-Ukrainian hysteria in Russian society, and creating conditions for increased mobilization of Russian citizens to participate in criminal aggression against our state and to discredit Ukraine in the eyes of society International.

She continued: The Russian regime has a long history of bloody provocations carried out by the security services, similar to the terrorist attack on the Kashirskoyu highway in 1999. There are no red lines for Putin’s dictatorship, and it is prepared to kill its citizens for political purposes, just as it killed thousands of people during the war against Ukraine. Ukrainian civilians as a result of missile attacks, artillery shelling and torture.

Ukraine added, “We call on the international community to strongly reject Russia’s false accusations regarding Ukraine’s alleged involvement in the Krasnohorsk shooting and to strengthen support for our country in resisting Russia’s criminal aggression.”

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