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The European Union Ambassador in Cairo: The strategic partnership between us and Egypt includes 6 areas of cooperation

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The European Union’s ambassador to Cairo, Christian Berger, announced that a conference will be held at the end of next June between Egypt and the European Union to discuss several matters related to investors in Egypt, and a meeting to discuss the technical details of the new loans provided by the European Union to Egypt, stressing that Egypt is a very important country for the European Union.

He added that the European Union is the largest partner and investor in Egypt, and the recently signed strategic partnership agreement confirms this.

This came during his speech, on Wednesday evening, at an iftar party he organized at his residence for Egyptian journalists.

The ambassador continued: The European Union provided Egypt with 7.4 billion euros in the form of grants and loans, and we chose 6 areas of cooperation, which are economy, trade, energy, water, human development, vocational and technical education, and improving citizens’ skills, adding, “We are working with the Egyptian government to implement these steps.”

The European Union Ambassador to Egypt, Ambassador Christian Berger, praised the strategic partnership linking the two sides in all fields, appreciating the important role played by Cairo.

To facilitate the implementation of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.
The European Union Ambassador stressed the importance of Egypt due to its geographical location in the Middle East and Africa, as well as the strategic position it enjoys.

He noted the close strategic partnership that was recently signed in Cairo.

To raise relations and cooperation to the level of a strategic and comprehensive partnership between Egypt and the European Union.

He said that the European Union is providing – in support of this partnership – a financial and investment support package to Egypt worth 7.4 billion euros for the period 2024-2027, which includes 600 million in the form of grants, including 200 million for the migration framework.

1.8 billion in additional investments within the framework of the economic and investment plan for the Southern Dialogue, and 5 billion in soft loans.

He added that the strategic partnership document clearly defines specific areas of cooperation, which are: political and strategic relations, cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, investment, energy and water, in addition to human capital development, explaining that work is currently being done with the Egyptian government to implement the document.

He pointed out that the European Union supports the International Investment Conference in Egypt. Which contributes to enhancing trade exchange between Egypt and the Union, enhancing the business environment in a comprehensive manner, and supporting public and private investments.

He also praised the role played by Egyptian journalists in covering areas of cooperation between the two sides.

In response to a question about the strategic partnership between Egypt and the European Union, and the most important projects that will be implemented during the current year, Ambassador Berger said that the Union will continue to work to support investments in Egypt, as 1.8 billion in additional investments have been decided within the framework of the economic and investment plan for the Southern Neighborhood, in addition to projects In the sectors of water, energy, education, development and human capital development.

He referred to the developments taking place in the region in light of the crisis in Gaza and the Red Sea, as well as the situation in Libya. With regard to Gaza, he said that the European Council had called – unanimously a few days ago, at the conclusion of the European Union summit in Brussels a few days ago – for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

The ambassador highlighted the humanitarian aid provided by the European Union to Gaza, which is delivered through the Rafah land crossing, noting the important role that Egypt plays in delivering aid, describing it as “a center and platform” for delivering aid to Gaza.

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