Coca Cola and McDonald’s both suffer major losses after proclaiming their support to the occupation army.

Translated by Ingy Ashraf,

Coca Cola and McDonald’s suffered major losses as a result of their support for the Israeli occupation force, with Coca Cola’s share dropping 1.68% of its market value to $52.8, compared to its initial value of $53.76.

McDonald’s stock fell by about 1.89% on the New York Stock Exchange, losing $4 from its price to record at $246.18, down from an opening price of $251.38.

After Al-Aqsa Flood operation, McDonald’s announced its donation of free meals to the Israeli occupation army, and McDonald’s announced on the X platform that it would distribute around 4,000 meals daily to the occupation army.

Social media activists launched a strong campaign to boycott McDonald’s restaurants, due to their inhumane and illegitimate aggression against the Gaza Strip, and the blockade on Gaza, which deprives about 2.5 million people of necessities such as water, food, and medicine, and electricity.

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