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Regional spokesman for the US State Department: Our relationship with Egypt is extended and we have cooperation in many fields

By Manal El Warraky

Regional spokesman for the US State Department, Sam Warburg, stressed the importance of Egypt’s role in bringing humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip as well as mediating negotiations to bring peace to the Middle East.

He said that Egypt is a pioneering country in peace, and plays a major role in resolving the conflict in Gaza. He continued: We value Egypt’s efforts through deep cooperation, and without Egypt, there will be no entry of aid into the Strip.

Cairo also has a role in the negotiations and working to release the hostages, and we have relations.

Long-term relationship with Egypt in various files.

He said that US President Joe Biden reiterated his thanks to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi directly, and from Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, that it is not possible to see any humanitarian aid entering Gaza without coordination with the Egyptian side and without the deep cooperation and great assistance from Egypt and all the humanitarian aid that entered Gaza before the opening of the Gaza Strip.

The Kerem Abu Salem crossing was via the Rafah crossing.

He continued: We also value and appreciate Egypt’s efforts to mediate negotiations to establish a temporary truce and release the detained hostages, and our relationship with Egypt is extended and we have cooperation in many fields.

He explained that Washington has some priorities, the most important of which is delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, and the basic principles announced by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken now and after the war, which are neither to reoccupy Israel of the Gaza Strip, nor to reduce any Palestinian lands in Gaza.

He continued: We consider that any inch of the Gaza Strip is Palestinian land, nor is there any forced displacement of Palestinians from Gaza, and the future of Gaza after the war is based on these principles.

He stressed that there must be a Palestinian authority not only to control Gaza and the West Bank, but also to provide the basic needs of the Palestinian people, because one day this war will end, but whoever will provide these basic needs and this authority must have confidence in Before the international community.

He said that the Palestinian people are the ones who will decide who rules, whether it is President Mahmoud Abbas or someone else, because the Palestinians have this right, of course, and no country in the world has the right to impose its will on the Palestinian people, and Washington sponsors positive reforms in the Palestinian Authority, because the main goal of any Government is to provide the basic needs of the people.

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