Azerbaijani Ambassador to Cairo: I hope to transfer Egyptian Ramadan celebrations to Azerbaijani society

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Dr. confirmed. Elkhan Polokhov, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Cairo, said that Egyptian-Azerbaijani relations are experiencing a state of prosperity and networking at all economic, commercial and investment levels, especially in the wake of the mutual visits between the two leaders Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Ilham Aliyev, as President El-Sisi’s visit was in January last year as the first Egyptian president to visit Azerbaijan, after its independence and founding by the late leader Heydar Aliyev in 1991, as well as official and popular delegations, which reflects positively on strengthening and consolidating joint relations.

This came during his meeting with a number of journalists at the breakfast table held by the Azerbaijani Embassy, ​​at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, in the presence of Political Advisor Ramez Waliev, Consul Zakir Abdullah, and Administrative Officer Rasem Ramez.

The ambassador described the relations between the two peoples as distinguished and fraternal, stressing that the manifestations of the celebration of the blessed month of Ramadan in Egypt are indeed “a completely different need” and in all Arab and Islamic countries, noting that he visited a number of Arab and Islamic countries and this happened during the month of Ramadan and he did not notice these manifestations, and this The second Ramadan is Egyptian. The Egyptians celebrate it in a completely different way.

They hold collective breakfast tables in the streets and squares, and family, friends, and neighbors gather.

He praised the tables of the Most Merciful God in popular areas such as Matareya, Abdeen, Asmarat, and others, hoping that these Egyptian Ramadan aspects would be transmitted to Azerbaijani society, where they do not meet.

There are people who fast only to a limited extent and on a small family scale only.

A dialogue took place between the ambassador and the journalists, and he pointed out that Azerbaijan did not disclose its Islamic identity during the days of the Soviet Union. Islamic gatherings were not allowed, nor even fasting. Only 30 years ago did we begin introducing Islam and declaring our identity.

He talked about the role of the press in establishing awareness and spreading the culture of peace and tolerance. Although social media has begun to pull the rug out, and the majority is being dragged behind it, its information is not documented, and this is the cause of many international and humanitarian crises, and therefore laws must be put in place to control the situation.

In Azerbaijan, for example, 56 A governorate, covered by approximately 27 local and public television channels, in addition to newspapers, print magazines, and websites, but they all work in accordance with the law to protect society.

He said: The same thing is true in South America. There are controls on publishing on social media for those who have more than a thousand viewers, so that they are responsible for publishing.

The ambassador announced that Azerbaijan will host the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP29) next year, and there will be Azerbaijani-Egyptian cooperation and coordination, and benefit from the Egyptian experience in this field due to its previous hosting of COP27.

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