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The Turkish Ambassador in Cairo: 95% of Gaza’s aid passes through Egypt with the support of the Egyptian authorities

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Turkish Ambassador to Cairo, Saleh Mutlu Shen, announced that President Sisi will visit Turkey during the coming period, and during that visit, important meetings will be held between the parties regarding developing relations in the cultural, educational, security and commercial fields, and high-level meetings between the two countries during the coming period to prepare for this visit. .

He added, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a very successful visit to Egypt, during which important meetings were held between the two countries in the fields of culture, education, security and trade.

This came during his speech, Thursday, at the annual breakfast for Egyptian journalists and media professionals, at his residence.

Regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza, the ambassador said: Turkey and Egypt were not insensitive regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza, and that Turkey increased its humanitarian aid in cooperation with Egypt.

He pointed out that 95% of the aid arriving in Gaza passes through Egypt with the support of the Egyptian authorities, and that Turkey has so far sent 21 aid planes and 8 aid ships.

The ambassador thanked all the Egyptian authorities in Cairo and Al-Arish, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian Red Crescent, and the security authorities, for the assistance they provided, explaining that each aid ship that came to Gaza brought between 2 to 3 thousand tons of aid.

He added that the Israeli side, which controls the other side of the border, must activate its procedures on the border in order for aid to reach Gaza faster, continuing: “Israel must take concrete steps to ensure the entry of food and materials into Gaza.”

The ambassador expressed his hope to reach a ceasefire in Gaza and begin reconstruction work as soon as possible, explaining that they appreciate the role that Egypt plays in this context.

He explained that Turkey is ready to provide all kinds of support in the post-ceasefire period, because the Turkish people feel the suffering and injustice of the Palestinian people like the Egyptian people.

During the breakfast ceremony, the Turkish Ambassador introduced Turkish actor Ali Burak Ceylan, and indicated that an awards night could be organized in Cairo in the presence of famous Turkish soap opera stars and Egyptian stars in Egyptian TV series, adding that Turkish and Egyptian artists are expected to participate in the awards night.

The ambassador said: The month of Ramadan is the month of worship, goodness and patience, and Eid is an occasion for joy, sharing and reconciliation. He hoped that God Almighty would accept all acts of worship and good deeds in Ramadan, and that the blessed Eid al-Fitr would bring joy and joy to the Egyptian people, the Islamic world and humanity, and that it would be a means of cooperation and solidarity.

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