Turkish Embassy in Cairo: The number of Turkish students wishing to study at Al-Azhar is increasing significantly

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Educational Chancellery of the Turkish Embassy in Cairo held an iftar banquet for Palestinian, Turkish and Egyptian students. The banquet was attended by Cemil Tahrali, Counselor at the Turkish Embassy in Cairo, and Emin Poyraz, Director of the Yunus Emre Institute for Turkish Culture in Cairo. The Hidayi Charitable Endowment, headed by Serdar Yilmaz, also participated.

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, then Dr. Ibrahim Aslan, the educational advisor to the Turkish Embassy in Cairo, thanked the students for responding to his invitation. He also expressed his happiness that about 100 students attended the iftar party. He also pointed out that such celebrations not only unite hearts, but also provide opportunities and support social, cultural and educational ties. And religious.

He pointed out the importance of Al-Azhar University and its effective role in teaching religious sciences to Islamic countries. He also explained that the number of Turkish students wishing to study at Al-Azhar University began to increase significantly from year to year, as it was before, as Al-Azhar is a beacon for those wishing to learn about the Islamic sciences from all over the world and the West.

Aslan was keen to show and demonstrate the spirit of cooperation and solidarity with the Palestinian cause by sharing an iftar meal with some Palestinian students studying at Al-Azhar. He also praised the innocent martyrs who lost their pure lives as a result of the brutal aggression. In this regard, he touched on the pioneering Egyptian-Turkish efforts with the participation of other countries in order to end… This is a human tragedy.

At the end of the event, Dr. Aslan stated in his speech that the vision of the educational advisor is centered on achieving the goals of education diplomacy, as the environment is suitable for Turkish-Egyptian bilateral cooperation with the aim of advancing the educational process, research activities, community service, and linking the Egyptian educational system with the Turkish one in all research, educational and technological fields, then singing a distinctive piece. From Palestinian poetry.

Director of the Yunus Emre Institute of Turkish Culture in Cairo, Amin Poyraz, stated how thrilled he was to attend this banquet that brought together students from the three fraternal countries, Turkey, Palestine and Egypt. He also stressed the permanent support of the Turkish government and people for the Palestinian cause, represented by its organizations such as the Turkish Red Crescent and the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.

Poyraz also stated that the Yunus Emre Institute stands side by side with Palestinian students studying in Egypt. He also pointed out that the Palestinian issue is not only the issue of the countries of the Islamic world, it is the issue of everyone who lives his conscience.

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