Iranian Ambassador to Cairo: The Al-Aqsa flood was a response to 18 years of unjust siege

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Iran’s ambassador to Cairo, Mohamed Hussein Soltani, confirmed that the world, the region, the Islamic and Arab countries, and the occupied territories of Palestine are all witnessing one of the most important and difficult events and developments since World War II, which is the strong confrontations between the heroic fighting Palestinian people, the American global power, and the Zionist occupier.

He added that the comprehensive battle that has been ongoing for more than 180 days of resistance and valor and the martyrdom of more than 32 thousand martyrs, more than half of whom are women and children, confirms the ability of the Palestinian people to achieve another victory for themselves and for the Islamic world and the peoples of the free world.

This came during his speech, on Friday, at an iftar party he organized on the occasion of “International Jerusalem Day,” which this year carries the slogan “The Flood of the Free.”

The ambassador said: Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” was a response to 18 years of unjust siege, the daily killing of Palestinian youth, the detention of more than 15,000 young men and women, the demolition and bombing of Palestinian homes, in addition to the repeated violations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque sanctuary.

He stressed that what is most important is thwarting Biden’s plan to complete the extermination and expulsion of the people of Palestine from their land, normalizing relations between Arab and Islamic countries with the Zionist regime under the name of the “Abraham Accords,” and working to erase Palestine from the page of history.

The ambassador continued: Today the people of Palestine are defending their identity and existence and more than 75 years of struggle to achieve their legitimate rights.

He added, “This war has confirmed to the peoples of the world that the Zionist regime is contrary to the image they hold of it, and that it is just a small reflection of the United States of America, which is allied with it to defend its own interests and the interests of Western countries that are manipulating in order to plunder the region’s capital and wealth, because it is the largest oil and gas region in the world.” world, but also to continue neo-colonialism and preserve the legacy of World War II.

The ambassador pointed out that Islamic and Arab countries and organizations did not provide the necessary support to the people of Palestine in the face of the brutal attacks and genocide to which they were subjected, and were content only with issuing statements and holding useless meetings with the United States of America.

However, some countries, such as South Africa and Brazil, provided support to the people of Palestine by submitting the Zionist entity to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

He explained that his country made great efforts to alleviate the pain of the people of Palestine, as it sent humanitarian aid and announced its readiness to transfer the war-wounded for treatment in Iranian hospitals.

In another context, the ambassador announced that the Iranian regime clearly violated international and diplomatic law after it killed 7 Iranian army leaders and advisors in Damascus two days ago using an American warplane, adding, “You will soon receive a painful and strong response.”

The ambassador said: If the Islamic and Arab countries are unable or unwilling to confront the Zionist regime and work to facilitate victory paths for Netanyahu and Bayern and destroy Hamas, the consequences of this will place the entire region facing an unknown future, and all possibilities will be open.

He added, at this stage, the economic and trade fronts must be strengthened within the framework of organizations such as BRICS, Shanghai, D8 ​​and ACO in order to lure dollar hegemony from global markets and make Asia, Africa, South America and Latin America an anti-colonial pole.

The breakfast ceremony was attended by: the Ambassador of Venezuela, the Ambassador of Syria, in addition to the Chargé d’Affairs of the Embassy of Malaysia.

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