Supply launches an electronic portal to update the commercial register data for companies and economic establishments.

Translated by Sama Marwan , 

The Ministry of Supply, represented by the Internal Trade Development Authority, announced the launch of the electronic portal to update the economic activities of companies as part of the commercial register services.

Ali Moselhi, Minister of Supply, issued a decision granting establishments and companies registered in the commercial register a 6-month grace period to update their data starting from April 15, 2024.

Dr. Ibrahim Ashmawy, First Assistant Minister of Supply and Head of the Internal Trade Development Authority, confirmed the availability of the electronic portal services free of charge without any fees. He urged establishments and companies registered in the commercial register to quickly update their commercial register data and specify the actual activities each company engages in, with an emphasis on selecting a main activity according to the economic activity codes guide and the ability to add other activities in the designated fields.

The electronic portal provides services to update these activities for all establishments at [this link](, where customers can also view the companies linked to them, verify the codes of activities each establishment currently engages in according to the approved codes and the start date of each activity, specify a main activity for the establishment, and view the economic activity guide and specific requirements for verifying each activity in the commercial register.

The portal also provides these services for free as part of the Internal Trade Development Authority’s efforts to simplify the process for clients to access them in a simple and easy way. Clients can benefit from these services by registering on the website and accessing the section titled “My Companies.” After selecting the establishment whose data needs updating, they can submit a request to “Update Establishment Activity” and provide the required data by selecting the code related to the activity, then indicating the start date of engaging in this activity. The request will then be reviewed by the specialists from the commercial register, and the client will be notified of the status of their request.

The free data update service is also available via WhatsApp contact with the commercial register’s automated assistant at the number 01063333504. This service allows the establishment to access services to update commercial register data after verifying the identity of the requester and completing and updating their data.

This assistant also provides a range of other services such as “Searching for the unified commercial register number, status of commercial register renewal, inquiry about the locations of commercial register offices, filing a complaint or making suggestions.”

The unified commercial register database has enabled the connection with 39 government agencies to provide commercial register services digitally. As per President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s directives to simplify processes for citizens by achieving interoperability between government agencies, the commercial register took the lead in making its data available to ministries, agencies, and entities to facilitate services for citizens and ensure control over procedures.

Transactions have exceeded 6 million inquiries since its launch in 2019. It has been linked with the Tax Authority database to activate the tax registration number as the national number for the establishment, as well as with Customs, the Social Insurance Authority, and other agencies.

The link with the banking sector, which is a major supporter of the Egyptian economy, has resulted in more than 600,000 electronic inquiries. For the first time, real-time commercial register inquiry services have been made available to all banks and finance companies to support credit decision-making for companies and establishments.

It’s worth noting that there are currently 14 commercial register services available on the Egypt Digital Portal out of a total of 36 services, covering approximately 39% of the services online.

Moreover, commercial register transactions in 2023 have reached 4,023,000 compared to 1.4 million in 2021, due to the expansion of developing commercial register offices and transforming them into model and premium offices. Additionally, there is the provision of delivering commercial register and trademark services to the residence of service applicants in collaboration with the Egyptian Postal Authority. The provision of commercial register services without being restricted by the geographic location of the original registration has also been made available alongside the Egypt Digital Portal.”

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