Minister of Social Solidarity Reviews Report on Initiatives and Services of the National Project for Preserving the Integrity of the Egyptian Family ‘Mawadda’

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Nevine Kabbage, Minister of Social Solidarity, reviewed a report on the initiatives and services of the national project for preserving the integrity of the Egyptian family ‘Mawadda,’ carried out in the first quarter of 2024. The Mawadda project continued to expand its implementation of various awareness activities and training sessions through its different initiatives across all governorates. Nearly 100,000 beneficiaries received services from the project during the first quarter (January-March) of 2024.

This is part of the effort to achieve the vision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in developing the Egyptian family and preserving its integrity, as well as providing young men and women who are about to get married with the necessary information and skills to establish a sound and cohesive family structure.

The project successfully reached its target groups through partnerships and collaborations with several ministries, government institutions, NGOs, and international organizations, as well as through the variety of its initiatives.

These included training students from Egyptian public universities, higher education institutions, and specialized training initiatives such as specialized training for engaged couples (with both parties present), specialized training for recovering addicts and their families, and trainings for people in border governorates and integrated trainings for persons with disabilities.

The project also held awareness sessions and campaigns at the Cairo International Book Fair.

In addition, the project launched the training guide for the inclusive ‘Mawadda’ initiative for persons with disabilities in collaboration with the German Agency for International Cooperation.

The guide provides a comprehensive and rich content covering various aspects of family life from psychological, social, economic, and health perspectives.

The project also launched the digital consultation service “Ask Mawadda,” providing support and assistance to individuals and families to face marital and family challenges in their daily lives. This is achieved by establishing an interactive relationship with the public and facilitating direct communication between the project and users.

This service targets individuals about to get married, married couples, and families experiencing family problems. Questions are answered by a team of experts within 48 hours, free of charge and with complete confidentiality. There is also a bank of answers to frequently asked questions that users can access.

Beneficiaries interacted with the digital consultation service, with approximately 2,000 questions received within one month of the service’s launch, and the number of visitors to the digital Mawadda platform exceeded 5 million.

Additionally, during the first quarter of the year, the Ministry of Social Solidarity signed two cooperation protocols with SADCO and Ay Sagha, in the spirit of social responsibility and the importance of partnering with the private sector to encourage young men and women to participate in specialized Mawadda training for engaged couples in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund. These collaborations aim to provide a range of facilities and training for those about to get married who have completed Mawadda training, as well as continuously promoting the services of the Mawadda project and its online platform.”

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