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Explosion of Explosive Device in Syrian Capital

Translate by Sama Marwan,

Syrian media reported an explosion of an explosive device in a car in the Mezze area of the capital, Damascus.

A source in the Damascus police command told the Syrian news agency “SANA” that the sound of the explosion heard a little while ago in the Mezze area was due to the explosion of an explosive device in a car in Al-Huda Square.

The source noted that the damage was limited to materials.

Yesterday, a source in the Hama police command reported the martyrdom of three Syrians and the injury of another due to the explosion of a landmine left over from terrorism in the village of Al-Zughbah in the northern countryside.

A Syrian military source said that some engineering units in the Syrian Arab Army were today detonating explosives and explosive devices left over from terrorists in the Rashidin area (Tell Al-Shuwehina) in Aleppo Governorate from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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