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Greek Ambassador to Cairo: The strategic relations between the two countries are a result of their priority to respect international law

Manal Abdel Fattah

The Greek Ambassador to Cairo, Nicholas Papageorgiou, said that relations with Egypt are an example and role model in relations between countries, as Egyptians and Greeks have interacted with each other for thousands of years, which provided a background for strengthening the deep rapprochement between the two countries, stressing that the two countries have built a strategic relationship.

The ambassador stressed that the strategic relations between the two countries are the result of a joint reading of the challenges and risks facing the region, as well as the two countries’ priority to respect international law in relations between countries.

This came during his speech, Tuesday, at a ceremony organized by the embassy on the occasion of the Greek National Day, in the famous Church of Saints Constantine and Helena in Cairo.

The ambassador added that the past six months have witnessed a raging war in Gaza, causing untold suffering, threatening to get out of control and drag the region into the abyss, praising the role of the Egyptian Minister of Immigration and the Ministry through exceptional initiatives, such as the “Reviving the Roots” initiative, which combines Egypt, Greece and Cyprus, to establish a joint strategy and joint activities related to expatriates from the three countries.
For her part, Ambassador Soha Gendy, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, said: Relations with Greece go back to 300 BC, and that the two countries are among the greatest friends, partners and neighbors.

She stressed that the tripartite cooperation between Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus is considered a special and distinguished relationship, gives impetus to the future, and supports joint coordination and the protection of their interests in regional and international organizations.

The ceremony was attended by a number of ambassadors, including the ambassadors of: Vietnam, Singapore, Ukraine, the Vatican, the Dominican Republic, Republic of North Macedonia , Sweden, Mongolia, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Lebanon, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Finland, Malta, Romania, Japan, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mauritius. , Bulgaria, Paraguay, Slovakia, Chile, Germany, the European Union, the Netherlands, Britain, Deputy Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, Deputy Ambassador of America, Deputy Ambassador of Thailand, Deputy Ambassador of Chile, Deputy Ambassador of Uganda.

Also present were Minister of Supply Ali Moselhi, Minister of Immigration Soha Gendy, Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, Executive Director of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, official spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Amr Moussa, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Minister of Tourism, Sahar Al-Jubouri, director of the UNRWA office in Egypt, Ambassador Mohamed Al-Orabi, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Nawar, head of the Egyptian Radio, Khaled Al-Anani, former Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Carlos Oliveira, Director of the international organization in Egypt, Elena Panova, presenter coordinator for the United Nations. in Egypt.

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