Cairo Airport Customs Records 30 Seizures in Late March

By Mary Nady

In Terminal 3 alone, ten records were noted, ranging from seizure number 71 to 80.

The items confiscated included a variety of drugs, weapons, binoculars, elephant ivory, mobile phones, medical lenses, dental supplies, cosmetics, and gold bars.

This comes despite the Prime Minister’s decree exempting these items from customs duty and only applying value-added tax on the manufacturing cost.

The operation was overseen by Osama Diab, acting head of the General Administration, and managed by directors Sayed Mamdouh, Abdel Azim Hamada, Dr. Hussein Heikal, Raafat Wahib, and their deputies.

In Terminal 2, fourteen customs records were filed from number 37 to 50 under the supervision of Ahmed Saad. Seized items included drugs, weapons, binoculars, mobile phones, dental supplies, phone accessories, PlayStation units, smart pens, and medical catheters, along with ivory. The operation here was managed by Ahmed Abdel Hadi, Mostafa El Gendy, Subhi Rabie, Ahmed Al Haksh, and Hani Abu Taleb, who oversaw 12 seizures during March alone.

Meanwhile, in Terminal 1, six customs records were filed from number 27 to 32, supervised by Ahmed Ali Al Sayed. Confiscated items ranged from various weapons and drugs listed in controlled substances to medical supplies and various medications. Directors Hashem Mustafa, Mohamed Hafez, Mohamed Hamida, and Fathy Fawzi managed these efforts.

The total number of customs records filed in March at the central administration for Cairo Airport’s customs stood at 55. This includes 12 records in Terminal 1, 22 in Terminal 2, and 21 in Terminal 3. These efforts highlight the administration’s sophisticated approach to law enforcement and its respectful, efficient handling of both citizens and foreign passengers. The ongoing success is supported by Shohat Ghetouri, Head of the Customs Authority, and backed by Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance.

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