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The Embassy of Italy in Cairo celebrates Italian Design Day 2024

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Embassy of Italy in Cairo celebrates Italian Design Day 2024, in cooperation with the main Egyptian civil society organizations, by organizing an event entitled “From vulgarity to good taste” from April 18-21 in The Factory building and the hangars in downtown Cairo.
The ceremony’s themes will focus on innovation, sustainability and inclusivity, and the initiative aims to promote a responsible population and a culture of “more conscious consumption”, as well as supporting a more innovative and environmentally friendly design industry.

The ceremony will witness the opening of the artwork “Life Cycle: Performance Brick” created by the Egyptian design studio Saqala to praise the internationally recognized Italian role in promoting design, especially the themes of Italian design this year, which the embassy has always been keen to spread through similar initiatives and events in Egypt.
The “Red Bench” will also be displayed as evidence of the initiative against femicide and violence against women promoted by the General Assembly of Women, to which the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has joined.
After the end of the event, the “Red Chair” will be transferred to the Italian Ambassador’s residence in Cairo. The Red Chair actually represents a symbol of the void left by every woman who has been murdered in society.
All of these projects, made from recyclable materials, represent the ability of design to convey concrete messages and proposals in confronting the challenges posed by combating climate change, shifting economies towards sustainability, and combating all violence and discrimination against women.

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