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The North Korean Embassy celebrates the 112th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung in Cairo

By Manal Abdel Fattah

North Korean Ambassador to Cairo Ma Dong-hee said that we have a firm position and a permanent will to develop and strengthen friendly relations and cooperation with the Egyptian government and people in a manner consistent with the requirements of the new era, common interests, and the ideals of independence, peace, and friendship.

He added, “We will always stand, as we have in the past, alongside the Egyptian people in their struggle to defend the country’s sovereignty, national security, economic development, and bringing just peace to the region, under the wise leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.”

This came during his speech, today, at the reception organized by the North Korean Embassy on the occasion of the 112th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

The ambassador continued: Korean President Kim Il Sung played a major role in developing friendly relations and cooperation between Korea and Egypt, and provided absolute support and support for the struggle of the Egyptian people to defend the country’s sovereignty and build a new society to make bilateral relations based on mutual cooperation in times of hardship.

The ambassador expressed his confidence in the support and solidarity of the Egyptian government and the Egyptian people in their struggle to build a strong socialist state and his further contribution to enhancing cooperation between the two friendly peoples.

He stressed that the participation of Egyptian friends in the Korean people’s celebration of this dear occasion indicates the feelings of respect and love that the Egyptian people have for President Kim Il Sung and their position of solidarity with the struggle of the Korean people aimed at building a strong socialist state.

The ambassador said: President Kim Il Sung was the founder of the Korean Labor Party, the Democratic Republic of Korea, and the Korean People’s Army, and a rare patriot like him who devoted his life to the homeland and the people. He was a steely soldier who, during his reign, led the two wars against the two most powerful world imperialists to victory in order to liberate Korea and defend its sovereignty and independence.

He explained that he always supported, morally and materially, the cause of the national liberation struggle of the progressive peoples of the world to achieve independence and build a new society, foremost of which is the just Palestinian cause, and he contributed to achieving the cause of global independence.

The ambassador added that the Democratic Republic of Korea, which today enjoys the leadership of Kim Jong-won, has achieved progress in all fields under his leadership with the strength of cohesion with one heart and the ability to enhance self, science and technology, amid the unparalleled political, economic and military imperialist siege.

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