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Nomination of Angelina Eichhorst as new European Union ambassador to Cairo.. Who is she?

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The European Union has nominated Angelina Eichhorst as the European Union Ambassador to Egypt, succeeding the current Ambassador Christian Berger.

Angelina currently holds the position of Director General for Europe at the European External Action Service and previously served as the European Union Ambassador to Lebanon.

Angelina Julieta Francisca Eickhorst is a Dutch diplomat and European civil servant, and is currently the Managing Director for Europe and Central Asia at the European External Action Service in Brussels, Belgium.

Ambassador Angelina Eckhorst has been Managing Director of the European Foreign Service in Europe since September 2021.

Previously, she was Acting Managing Director for Europe and Central Asia (2019-2021), Deputy Managing Director/Director for Western Europe, the Western Balkans and Turkey, and Chief Negotiator for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue. Facilitated by the European Union (2015-2019).

Since 1996, Ms. Eichhorst has worked with the European Union in various Directorates-General for External Relations in Brussels, Jordan and Syria.

In Lebanon, she was European Union Ambassador/Head of Delegation (2011-2015).
She also worked in Egypt, Somalia, and New York with the private sector, the United Nations, research institutes, and non-governmental organizations (1989-1996).
Ms. Eichhorst was born in the Netherlands. She holds a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Languages ​​and Cultures and in International Relations.

She also holds postgraduate diplomas in International Law, Human Rights and International Organization Law. She speaks Dutch, English, French, German and Arabic, and has a good understanding of Italian and Spanish.

The European Union had previously announced that it would provide Egypt with short-term financial aid worth one billion euros ($1.07 billion) to help stabilize the country’s economy.
Last month, Egypt agreed to an expanded support program worth eight billion dollars with the International Monetary Fund and an agreement with the European Union worth billions of dollars to enhance cooperation and help reduce migration.
The short-term aid amounting to 1 billion euros is part of a larger package worth 5 billion euros in loans, the statement said.
Another €4 billion in long-term aid is scheduled to be allocated over the period 2024-2027, but still must be approved by the bloc’s 27 members.

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