The Coptic American Law Enforcement Organization held a scholarship awards ceremony inside the headquarters of the New York City Police Department

The Coptic American Law Enforcement Organization held its Scholarship Awards Ceremony inside of New York City Police Department’s Headquarters. A total of five High School seniors were awarded scholarships to utilize towards their College education.

In a historic day, the Egyptian flag and Egyptian national anthem played for the first time inside of NYPD headquarters, a sense of pride and inclusion was felt by the Egyptian community in attendance.


Among the guests were:NYPD Deputy Commissioner Employee Relations, Lisa D. White, NYPD Chief of Patrol, John Chell, Chief of Internal Affairs Bureau, Miguel Iglesias, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Equity and Inclusion, Wanda Garcia, Chief Savino, Dr. Hani Ashamalla, Father Dr. Mina Shaheid, Dr. Ayman Farag, Deacon Boles Malak nylawenforcementfoundation and Retired Chief of Transit Joe Fox,
Paul DiGiacomo, President of the Detective Endowment Association, and Pat Hendry, President of the NYC Police Benevolent Association.


The Coptic American Law Enforcement Organization would like to congratulate all award recipients: Verena Faheem, Angela Morcos, Karen Naseif, Michael Zaki and Kirols Tadres.


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