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Sponsored by Greece…the launch of the Greek-Egyptian Tourism Forum in Cairo

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Greek Luxury Tourism Forum was launched yesterday evening, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism, the Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development, and the Greek Embassy in Cairo, with the large participation of Egyptian tourism pioneers.

The forum was held under the auspices of the Greek Tourism Promotion Authority, the Greek Governorate of Central Macedonia, one of the Egyptian airlines – a main sponsor of the forum – the Governorate of the Island of Crete, the Greek Breakfast Company, the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce, the capital of the island of Crete, and Greek airlines and travel companies.

After completing the pre-prepared meetings between tourism companies and Greek destinations with tour operators and travel agents from Egypt, specializing in luxury tourism, these tourist destinations were presented to the invitees while all participants were given the opportunity for further communication during the cocktail party.

The aim of establishing this forum is to promote Greece as a leading destination in the field of tourism on the international map.

The Hellenic Tourism Promotion Authority is responsible for developing the marketing plan for Greece and promoting tourism throughout the world. Its mission is to organize, develop and promote the country’s tourism product, through designing and implementing strategic plans and procedures in Greece and abroad, through its offices located in 17 countries around the world.
As for the Central Macedonia Governorate, it is the second largest Greek governorate. It is located in central northern Greece, within the historical region of ancient Macedonia. It is Greece’s gateway to Europe, and is linked to transportation, communications, and energy networks.

Thessaloniki is the capital of the region and has a dynamic role as a city in the Balkan region. It is a strong political, economic and industrial center in northern Greece.

The island of Crete is the fifth largest island in Greece, thanks to its geographical location in the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. The island of Crete enjoys a unique climate and rich and rare biological diversity.

The island of Crete, through its display entitled “Crete, the Emblem of Authenticity,” welcomes its visitors who enjoy the natural and picturesque landscapes, where the deep blue of the sea dominates alongside the colors of the Cretan earth in unexplored spaces that do not erase the imprint of history and its ancient civilizations.

As for the municipality of Ierapetra, it is located in the southernmost part of Greece and is the closest city to the European Union, at a distance of only 190 nautical miles from the Egyptian coast. The trip takes less than two hours by small seaplane from Alexandria in Egypt.

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