The German ambassador in Cairo denies allegations of promoting homosexuality in a German school

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The German Ambassador to Cairo, Frank Hartmann, denied what was circulated about the Rann School in Cairo promoting certain sexual orientations, due to realistic descriptive content included in school books.

The ambassador added in a press statement that the Rann School is not one of the seven German schools recognized outside Germany, but it has been accredited since the beginning of this year as a school that offers a German language diploma, by obtaining a German language diploma, as graduates meet the language requirements necessary for university study. In Germany, this is the result of the school’s successful school development efforts that benefit Egyptian students.

The statement indicated that German schools outside Germany, including schools that qualify to obtain a German language diploma, play an important and recognized role in the Egyptian education system, and schools respect the cultural and religious values ​​and visions prevailing in Egypt in addition to their respect for the legal framework for their work.

The German Embassy, ​​again and in connection with current reports, directed all German schools to take the cultural and religious values ​​of the host country, Egypt, into account when preparing educational content.

The ambassador explained that, due to the current controversy, the German embassy is in contact with the Minister of Education, Dr. Reda Hegazy, and is striving to reach a friendly solution that achieves the interests of both parties.

Frank stressed that the basis on which German schools abroad are based is the cultural agreement between Egypt and Germany and the relevant ministerial decisions. In this agreement, all matters related to the formulation and use of educational materials are clearly regulated, and it is natural for German schools abroad to adhere to the applicable legal rules. With it.

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