Rare Beauty uses the crisis in Gaza as a PR stunt to increase the sales of the brand.

Written by Ingy Ashraf,

Selena Gomez and Israel are two faces on the same coin; they always play the victims.

Rare Beauty by the singer Selena Gomez uses the crisis in Gaza as a PR stunt to increase sales and make people stop boycotting the brand.

Rare Beauty posted a statement on Instagram to express their deep concern about what is happening in Gaza.

They acknowledged the immense suffering of innocent civilians, particularly children, and reiterated their stance against violence and injustice.

The brand emphasised its support for humanitarian efforts in the region and committed to donate to organizations that provide help and relief to those affected by the war.

But they stated, “Rare Beauty will be making donations to the international Red Cross and Red Crescent societies—Magen David Adom,” and Magen David Adom is a pure Zionist that supports and follows the IDF and has no contact with any organizations that help and send aid to Palestinians. All the donations will go to the Israeli occupation and help them to continue the genocide in Gaza.

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