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In the presence of the ambassadors of France and Palestine, the French Institute in Cairo launches an initiative to support the Palestinians

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The French Institute in Egypt, in cooperation with the Embassy of Palestine in Cairo, presents the “Here is Palestine” program, which includes a series of events extending over two days to support and celebrate the Palestinian scene, at the Al-Munira headquarters on April 27 and 28, 2024.

The French Institute said, in its statement: In light of the current tragic circumstances, the French Institute in Egypt wished to shed light on Palestinian arts and culture in a spirit of peace and brotherhood.

He continued: This initiative, titled “Here is Palestine,” is primarily an opportunity to bring together Palestinian artists to express their work and highlight its value, as the event will cover over two days, on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April, meetings, exhibitions, performances, a concert, and screen performances. , workshops, and a bazaar for Palestinian products.

The statement added that the program was prepared as part of a series of events held over two days, so that the diversity of Palestinian artistic expression is highlighted. Within a gentle and comprehensive framework, the “Here is Palestine” event, which carries the meaning of solidarity, targets everyone, whether the general public or the actors involved in the struggle. Support and aid the Palestinians.

He added that this event is also an opportunity to extend feelings of praise to the currently closed French Institute in Gaza, which was receiving a large portion of the Palestinian artists participating in this event.

Ambassador Eric Chevalier, the French ambassador to Cairo, stressed that “these two days were prepared in a spirit of solidarity, hope and peace, as Palestinian culture and artistic expertise, which this event wishes to celebrate, should be supported and preserved, because they are considered a guardian, indispensable for protecting… Palestinian memory and heritage, which also embody and express the Palestinian collective identity, which cannot be denied or erased and are considered carriers of the future.”

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