Roy Vitoria reveals the reasons for including Fattouh and Sobhi in the national team

Translated by Ingy Ashraf,

Rui Vitória reveals the reasons for why Fotuh and Sobhi were selected in the national team
Vitoria confirms that the two players are important team members and that he would not exclude them for disciplinary reasons.

During the press conference held to announce the list of the team, Vitória said that his decision to include the duo Ahmed Fotouh and Mohamed Sobhi, players of Al-Zamalek, came personally by him, and based on a technical opinion in the first place.

Vitória also stated that he is aware that the players were suspended by their club on Sunday, but that the official decision has yet to be given by the club, and that the situation would be dealt with once the club makes its final decision.

Vitória acknowledged that Fotuh and Sobhi are the national team’s major cornerstones and are relied on in training camps. Vitória provided two instances to clarify his view on adding the duo: he verified that if a player is suspended by his club on December 26, would he be omitted from the list of the national team playing in the African Nations Cup in January?, and he confirmed that if a player is banned by his club on December 26, will he be excluded from the list of the national team participating in the African Nations He also stated that if a player is excluded from the national team camp, will his club suspend him?

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