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Signing of an agreement between the Embassy of France and the Lycée Lumiere School in Cairo

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The French Embassy in Cairo announced the signing of an agreement between the French Ambassador to Egypt and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lycée Lumiere School, which is under construction at the Sun Capital site, Mr. Amr El-Segini, on Monday at the French Embassy in Cairo.

The French Ambassador congratulated the Lycée Lumiere School for its commitment to French international education in Egypt and the quality of its educational project.
He said that this cooperation would strengthen ties between France and Egypt in the field of education, in addition to providing rich and innovative educational opportunities for students.

The network of French international schools in Egypt currently includes 13 educational facilities, receiving at least 10,000 students, and it is planned that this network will expand and double in the coming years.
This long-standing network is distinguished by its strong promotion of multilingualism, its commitment to building the capacity for reasoned thinking and debate, and its particular concern for student safety.

The Lycée Lumière school, which will open its doors in September 2024, will receive children from three to eighteen years of age.

The school will also highlight several educational priorities, especially multilingualism through mastery of a minimum of three languages ​​at the end of the school stage, cultural openness to the world, especially Francophone and Arabic-speaking countries, as well as teaching philosophy to develop strong authenticity among students.
In addition, the school is characterized by its openness to technologies, providing educational tools that keep pace with modern technology.

This agreement is an important step in the field of education in Egypt, as Lycée Lumière prepares to join the network of distinguished schools that adopt the French education program. The embassy is pleased with this request and salutes the school’s strong commitment to quality international education.

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