The Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt celebrates King’s Day

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Egypt celebrated yesterday King’s Day; the Dutch National Day in honour of King Willem Alexander’s birthday.

Senior Egyptian officials and influential figures, the diplomatic community participated in the event.

The Netherlands and Egypt boast a long-standing friendship, with nearly five decades of collaboration in the water sector.

H.E. Peter Mollema expressed his gratitude to celebrate King’s Day in Egypt.

The Netherlands and Egypt have a strong bound to each other with economic, political, diplomatic, developmental, cultural, and personal ties.
He mentioned: “In 2022 alone, our trade with Egypt flourished, with nearly €2 billion in exports from the Netherlands and €1.5 billion in imports.

Egypt remains our key economic partner in North Africa.

Tourism is thriving again, with hundreds of thousands of Dutch tourists returning to Egypt.

Furthermore, high-level political engagement continues, with recent visits by both our Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister.

And over 15,000 Egyptians travel to the Netherlands each year.”

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