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Moroccan Embassy: A leaked recording reveals Polisario’s incitement to carry out terrorist acts in the country’s desert

By Manal Abdel Fattah

A diplomatic source at the Moroccan embassy in Cairo revealed that the leader of the terrorist Polisario Front, Bashir Mustafa al-Sayyid, called in an audio recording to carry out terrorist acts in the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco, during his speech at an activity organized by the separatist front in the Tindouf camps in Algeria.

He added, “The leader of the terrorist front adopted the rhetoric of terrorism and violence in his speech, as he clearly and explicitly urged his supporters in the Moroccan cities of Laayoune, Smara, and Boujdour to commit terrorist operations.”

He said, in the Hassani dialect spoken by the inhabitants of the Moroccan Sahara, the following: “You who are under the feet of the invaders, if we are here dying by the dozens in order to achieve gains, then you can achieve gains with little, because our chances are less than you have, and if you want explosives, we have them.”

God willing, every man or woman among you must convince three or four people every night to carry out bombing operations in Smara, Dakhla, Boujdour and Laayoune.

He added: “If you want the occupied land to be a volcano under the feet of the invaders, distract the enemy from your children here, scatter his thoughts, and distribute the enemy’s fire instead of focusing on one point, so that the enemy feels that the land is unsafe, and so that he does not know where to direct his fire.” “.

He continued: “Al-Bashir, addressing the supporters of the separatist front in the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco, said that the Polisario is ready to provide them with explosives to carry out these terrorist acts, responding: ‘If you want explosives,’ and they are there, as he put it.

He explained, “Al-Bashir also called on those loyal to the terrorist front to divert Morocco’s attention from responding to the attempts at provocation east of the berm carried out by the Polisario by carrying out these terrorist operations in desert cities, and that the General Secretariat of the Front discussed this issue seriously.”

He stressed that “the incitement of the separatist Polisario Front to carry out terrorist acts in the cities of the Moroccan Sahara is new evidence of the conviction against it, which may directly reflect on it and on the image that its supporters are trying to distort.”

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