Spanish female artists participate in the second session of the “Empowering Women through Art” forum in Cairo

By Manal Abdel Fattah

During the period between May 18 and 22, 2024, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization will host the activities of the second session of the “Empowering Women through Art” forum, which is moderated by Dr. Sherine Badr.

More than 100 female artists from 35 countries will participate in this session, where several diverse activities will be held: lectures, exhibitions, and workshops.
Spain will participate in the recipient, where it will be possible to view works by artists Sonia Toño and Virginia Berasbe in the Spanish Pavilion.

In addition, artist Veronica Ruth Frias will participate in the opening with support from the Embassy of Spain in Cairo.

Veronica Roth’s work revolves around video and performance art.

She uses a number of tools, such as custom art, fashion, and tattoos, to express themes such as the development of femininity, motherhood, and violence against women. Her work generally focuses around the feminist art movement.

On the opening day of the forum, Veronica will present her work “Art Now” in cooperation with a number of Egyptian women participants.

Artist Sonia Tonio will take us – through drawing, installation art and digital means – on a journey to worlds different from those we imagine, and will help us explore the relationship between people and the natural environment, coexistence with artificial elements, the interpenetration of structures, the saturation of visual stimuli and Their purpose.

As for the artist Virginia Beraspe, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Seville and has participated in many joint exhibitions both inside and outside Spain. In this collection, she will present her artworks in oil and fabric paint.

The “Empowering Women through Art” Forum is an international artistic event held in Cairo (Egypt) on an annual basis and aims to support and empower female artists from all over the world.

The first session of the forum was held last year in 2023, during the period between May 20 and 26, where Spanish artists (Ruth Zaragoza and Inma Fierro) also participated.

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