The Chinese Foreign Minister accuses the United States of bullying through sanctions

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi accused the United States of trying to suppress China’s economic and trade activities by repeatedly imposing unilateral sanctions, according to remarks he made in Beijing.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said: “We have all seen that some time ago the United States repeatedly imposed unilateral sanctions on China and abused Article 301 of tariffs.

The suppression of China’s normal economic and trade activities is almost crazy, and is a typical example of bullying in the world.” Today it shows how some people in the United States have lost their minds in order to maintain their unipolar hegemony.

The unprincipled American oppression does not prove the strength of the United States, but rather reveals the United States’ loss of self-confidence due to its inability to solve its problems.

It will also cause further damage to the normal functioning of international production and supply chains.

This will not prevent China’s advancement, but on the contrary, it will inspire the Chinese people, who number one billion and four hundred million people, to work harder.

The World Trade Organization had clearly concluded that the US tariffs under Article 301 violate the organization’s rules and constitute a violation of international law.

Traders around the world with common sense believe that what the United States is doing is harming others and not benefiting itself. As one of the initiators of the WTO, the United States not only failed to set an example but also took the lead in violating the law. Not only did it fail to correct its mistakes, but it continued to commit mistakes.

How does the United States explain the fair competition it claims, and how will it gain the trust of the international community? I would like to emphasize once again that unilateral and protectionist measures go against the development trend of the current era and will certainly be crushed by the wheels of history. At this crucial moment in global economic recovery, the international community must ask the United States not to create new problems for the world.

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