Cameroon’s Ambassador to Cairo: Egypt played a major role in embracing liberation movements in African countries

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Cameroon’s Ambassador to Cairo, Dr. Mohamedou Labring, confirmed the depth of the “distinguished” cooperation relations between his country and Egypt in various political, diplomatic and cultural fields.

In a meeting with a limited number of journalists on Sunday, the Cameroonian ambassador described: On the occasion of Cameroon’s National Day, “Unity Day,” which falls tomorrow, Monday, relations between the two countries are considered “historic,” as Egypt played a major role in embracing liberation movements and symbols in African countries, including Cameroon, which opened its embassy in Cairo in 1961 after… One year of independence.

He said that Egypt and Cameroon share common constants, which are development, establishing peace, resolving conflicts through peaceful means and negotiations, and preserving the unity of the African continent. The two countries also belong to membership in many regional and international organizations, including the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, in addition to their membership in the Organization of African Unity. , which later turned into the African Union.

Ambassador Labring – Dean of the African Diplomatic Corps in Cairo – expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by Egypt to support development throughout the continent, especially in the field of capacity building.

The Cameroonian ambassador stated that the two countries signed a defense and security agreement last year in light of the common challenges we face, most notably terrorism, and Egypt’s great experience in this field.

He added that relations between Egypt and Cameroon are developing in many sectors, noting that economic and trade relations do not reach the desired level, especially in light of the great potential that the two countries possess, and despite the presence of direct flights by EgyptAir between Cairo and Douala, which is one of the It is supposed to contribute to enhancing trade exchange as well.

He explained that Egypt and Cameroon also signed an agreement last year on mutual exemption from entry visas for private and diplomatic passports, and it will be activated next month.

He revealed that the coming period will witness more exchange of visits and joint meetings, as the joint committee between the two countries will be held before the end of this year, next November, in Cairo.

In response to a question about Egypt’s efforts to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza, the Cameroonian ambassador described Egypt as an important player in the Middle East and doing everything in its power to reach a ceasefire in the Strip, while at the same time working to reach a long-term solution in the Middle East.

On the other hand, Ambassador Lebring reviewed the history of the independence and unity of Cameroon, which is located in central West Africa, pointing out that his country is known for its geological and cultural diversity, as it embraces beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests, and “savannas,” and that Cameroon is home to more than two hundred different linguistic groups. .

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