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Interview| President of the World Peace Prize: The winner is known for his work for human dignity

By Manal El Warraky

The Gusi International Peace Prize Foundation, the Asian counterpart to the Swedish Nobel Prize, based in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, announced the opening of an office in Cairo, and also the nomination of mathematician Alberto Coto for the 2024 Peace Prize nominations, whose event will be held in the Philippine capital.

On the sidelines of a celebration held in Cairo, Ambassador Barry Gusi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gusi International Peace Prize Foundation, said that the award is major and has attracted the attention of the world, noting that his father, whose name the award bears, is one of the well-known human rights champions, and has continued to work to serve people. Free of charge.

He stressed that he is following in his father’s footsteps in working for free, driven by trust, humility, and love for people. He continued that the “Gusi” Foundation supports the efforts of workers in the fields of health, medicine, fighting poverty, and peace, hoping that a number of people from Arab countries will receive the award in the upcoming sessions.

He pointed out that the winner of the award does not receive any financial sum, but he receives the world’s respect and appreciation, because the winner of the “Gusi” award is known among people for having worked for human dignity.

The ambassador explained that he does not accept comparison to the Nobel Peace Prize, because each of the two awards has its own independent personality. The “Gusi” Award does not follow in the footsteps of the Nobel Prize, but rather works to honor personalities it chooses in accordance with the standards of the “Gusi” Award.

The Gusi International Peace Prize is the most important award-giving body in the world. It is a registered charity under the Security Exchange Commission in Manila, Philippines. It is recognized among the leading institutions in the world today, and is known as the Asian counterpart to the Nobel Peace Prize in Europe.

The organization is celebrating 34 years of honoring the finest examples of those working to achieve peace and respect for human life and dignity, thus highlighting the best human achievements, ideals and values.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Al-Jahni indicated that the Gusi office in Cairo, which is headed by Ezzat Hassan, head of the Gusi Egypt office, and Fathi Al-Dabaa, deputy head of the Gusi Egypt office, will play a pivotal role in nominating prominent Egyptian and African figures.

This began with the nomination of Alberto Coto, the mathematician, as a representative of Spain, and the nomination of a representative of Egypt, in the award to be awarded the “Gusi” International Peace Prize, whose activities will be held in November 2024, in Manila, the Philippines.

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