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The Embassy of Japan in Cairo hosts a cultural event to celebrate sushi as a Japanese heritage

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Yesterday, the Japanese Embassy in Cairo organized an event entitled “Sushi Night” at the ambassador’s residence to introduce the magic and joy of sushi food.

According to the Japanese Embassy’s statement, Ayumi Hashimoto, Director of the Japan Foundation’s office in Cairo, who participated as a guest speaker, presented an overview of the “Sushi: Cultural Heritage” exhibition, currently held at the Gezira Arts Center, and introduced the origins and development of Japanese sushi, and showed a special video clip.

This was followed by a demonstration on “How to Make Sushi,” presented by Chef Hamana, the chef of the Ambassador’s house in Cairo, who prepared and displayed 20 pieces of 10 types of sushi, including traditional inherited sushi and newly invented sushi, in front of the attendees with impressive craftsmanship, where Participants were able to follow the meticulous preparation of each item, learn about Chef Hamana’s impeccable technique, and enjoy the presentation.

It is worth noting that “Japanese food” was registered on the UNESCO “Intangible Cultural Heritage” list in 2013, as “sushi” is one of the ideal symbols of this Japanese food.

The Japanese Embassy says that the appeal of sushi, which is widely known and loved by many in the world, lies in the simplicity that highlights the taste and flavor of its ingredients, and the beauty of form and precision of manufacture that stem from the skill and craftsmanship of sushi chefs.

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