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Turkish Ambassador to Cairo: Egypt, with its history and culture, has great potential as an attractive destination

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Turkish Ambassador to Cairo, Salih Mutlu Shen, received the prominent Egyptian guests and foreign diplomats who attended the Turkish dinner held at the headquarters of the Cairo Embassy as part of the Turkish Cuisine Week, which is organized under the leadership of Mrs. Hanim Emine Erdogan, wife of the President of the Republic, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan. ‎

In his speech at the opening of the Iftar, Ambassador Shen said that Turkish and Egyptian cuisine are among the oldest cuisines in the Middle East, and that both cuisines have influenced each other throughout history, and that the Egyptian people very much love Turkish cuisine and Turkish dishes. ‎ ‎

Ambassador Shen pointed out that every region and even every province in Turkey is distinguished by its unique products, and this year’s theme is the cuisine of the Aegean region.

He stated that health and medical experts today advise Mediterranean cuisine, which is based on olive oil, seafood and vegetables, to live a long and fruitful life away from cardiovascular diseases. Explaining that the cuisine of the Aegean region is a unique part of the Mediterranean cuisine

On this occasion, Ambassador Salih Mutlu Şen touched on the development of Turkish-Egyptian relations in all areas of tourism, economy, trade, industry, sports and culture, explaining that he attended the African Tourism Forum organized by Turkish companies and the famous Turkish Rixos Hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Ambassador Shen said that the tourism experts and officials who attended the forum and spoke were from Türkiye. Tourism experts from Turkish tourism companies also confirmed that Egypt is the most prominent and richest tourist destination in Africa and that its future is bright.

He said that Egypt, with its history, culture, sea and sand, has great potential as an attractive destination.

Ambassador Shen pointed out that cuisine and food add attraction to tourist destinations, noting that many hotels in Egypt benefit from Turkish kitchen equipment and supplies and Turkish chefs. He pointed out that he met Turkish chefs at the Rixos Hotel during his visit to Sharm El-Sheikh. .

Ambassador Shen said that “stuffed” or “cabbage”, which is grape leaves stuffed with rice or bulgur, is one of the main dishes in the cuisine of the Aegean region, and is also a common dish in Turkish and Egyptian cuisine.

He pointed out that he was also a child of the Aegean region and that his mother used to make grape leaf rolls stuffed with bulgur in his childhood, and that he remembers this dish with longing.

He stated that Egyptian tourists visiting Türkiye also show special interest in Turkish gastronomy

Ambassador Shen also stated that Turkey will continue to provide humanitarian aid, especially food, to Gaza with full force, adding that thousands of tons of food are ready to be shipped in cooperation with Egypt and with the support of the Egyptian authorities.

He pointed out that in order to resume sending humanitarian aid shipments, Israel must withdraw from the Rafah crossing and restore security. ‏

Ambassador Shen said, “I welcome the decision of the Presidency of the Egyptian Republic, following the call that took place between Mr. President Sisi and the American President, to pay quantities of humanitarian aid and fuel expected in Egypt from the Kerem Shalom crossing, temporarily, until a legal mechanism is reached to restart the Rafah crossing.” From the Palestinian side, that is, Israel withdraws from the crossing.”

Ambassador Shen said, “In any case, the international community must do its best and put pressure on Israel to deliver food aid to Gaza urgently.”

Ambassador Shen added that Turkey, with the support of Egypt, is implementing activities to help tens of thousands of Gaza residents who came to Egypt.

He stated that on Eid al-Adha this year, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey will host 500 Palestinian families and the embassy will share the sacrificial meat with them.

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