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Amman’s ambassador to Cairo: The Western media’s distortion of Egypt’s image is known for its purpose

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman in Cairo, Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Rahbi, said that Egypt has never hesitated to support Arab issues, indicating that this is a fixed principle in its policy.

The ambassador confirmed, in a post on the “X” website, that the distortion to which she is being subjected by Western media is known to be aimed at, despite the wisdom and patience she has exercised throughout the crisis that the Palestinian issue is going through, in an attempt to reach a smooth path in the negotiations effort, Which it is carrying out with Qatar between the Palestinian resistance movement “Hamas” and the occupying state.

The ambassador continued: But we believe that this only leads to further revealing the truth about Israel, and those who stand in its support of aggression and injustice, and the support of world public opinion is nothing but evidence of this confusion, and the death of the human conscience of governments and countries that have fallen morally in the face of the massacres committed against the children and women of Gaza.

And the victory of the resistance of the people of Palestine who make the sacrifice.

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