German Ambassador in Cairo: The Ukrainian people are fighting for the freedom of all of Europe

By Manal Abdel Fattah

The embassies of Germany, Poland, and Ukraine in Cairo organized a cinema evening in which they showed the documentary film “Art in War,” which depicts the deep relationships between war and the arts, in light of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

After the showing of the German-Ukrainian film “Art in War”, there was a dialogue between the German director Philipp Kohlhofer and the Ukrainian producer Katerina Laskari, and the program included an exhibition by the German-Ukrainian artist Natalia Spieler.

On this occasion, Ambassador Frank Hartmann stressed: “We are horrified by the number of civilian casualties of the conflicts in Gaza and Sudan, and we are committed to ending this suffering.”

At the same time, we say very clearly: “We must not forget Ukraine. The people of Ukraine suffer every day from Russian aggression; they are fighting for their lives and freedom, but also for the freedom of all of Europe. We stand by your side.”

He continued: “Tonight we want to focus on the role of art and artists in times of war. I personally am convinced that we need art more, especially in times of war. We need art to address the unspeakable horror of war, and we need art to find our way back to humanity and to Internal balance.

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