FM to the European Union: We count on your important role in resolving the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, the official spokesman and Director of the Public Diplomacy Department at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met today in Brussels with Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

The official spokesman for the Foreign Ministry stated that the discussions between Minister Shukri and the High Representative of the European Union focused on addressing the various humanitarian, security and political dimensions of the crisis in the Gaza Strip, ways to contain its repercussions, and support the political path to implement the two-state solution and end this crisis from its roots.

Minister Shukri stressed the important role sought from influential international parties, such as the European Union, in supporting the current moves to stop the Israeli war against the Gaza Strip and stop the bleeding of Palestinian blood, expressing appreciation for the important role of the High Representative of the European Union in working to contain the humanitarian crisis and alleviate the situation. Its repercussions.

During the meeting, the two parties stressed the necessity of reaching a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, and stopping military operations in the Palestinian city of Rafah, as well as ensuring complete and safe access of humanitarian aid and relief materials to the Strip, and in all its parts, to meet the urgent needs of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The importance of Israel respecting and protecting humanitarian workers, and not targeting the headquarters of international relief agencies, was emphasized, as well as ensuring the access and freedom of movement of relief crews in the Gaza Strip in line with the provisions of international humanitarian law.

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid stated that Minister Shukri renewed the warning against the dangers of Israeli military operations in the Palestinian city of Rafah, due to their catastrophic humanitarian repercussions on more than 1.4 million Palestinians, and their security effects on the peace and stability of the region and the capabilities of its peoples, calling for the necessity of Israel to comply with its obligations as the existing power. With the occupation, removing all obstacles it places in the way of the entry of aid, and opening all land crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip, as well as providing safe conditions for international relief crews to receive and distribute aid in the Gaza Strip.

Minister Shukri also stressed Egypt’s refusal to use Israel’s continued control of all crossings in the Gaza Strip as a tool to tighten the siege and starve the Palestinian people in Gaza, and create a reality uninhabited by life in the Gaza Strip, stressing Egypt’s categorical rejection of any attempts to push the Palestinians to be displaced from their lands, or to liquidate the Palestinian cause. .

The official spokesman concluded his statements, noting that there was an extensive dialogue between Minister Shukri and the European High Representative about the Arab vision and paths of action with the European Union to end this crisis from its roots by advancing the political path to support the implementation of the two-state solution, as both parties stressed the necessity of finding a political horizon to implement decisions. Relevant international legitimacy, and support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, to live in peace side by side with Israel.

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