President of “Youth of Egypt”: The Egyptian state has provided all means of unprecedented empowerment for youth

Dr. Ahmed Abdelaal, head of the Egypt Youth Entity, said that there are many and successive challenges facing young people in a world full of changes, in light of which we seek to keep pace and make more efforts in order to maintain balance and innovation, and we are always looking for a clear and concise plan for success and development.

These challenges are related to how to provide unusual and distinctive solutions to ordinary and repetitive issues, in light of an encouraging environment for young people, as the Egyptian state has provided all means of unprecedented empowerment for them, and the biggest challenge before them remains: How do we contribute to transforming this empowerment into creative opportunities?

Facing ordinary problems in an unconventional way:

There was a challenge facing fishing centers in Japan, as they faced difficulty in meeting the needs of consumers due to the lack of fish on tourists. After several experiments with transporting fish to Japan, the centers found a solution by equipping the ships with water basins for the fish, but they faced a new problem: the fish stopped moving and lost its freshness.

After implementing many traditional ideas, an innovative idea was reached.

They placed a small shark in each tank, which made the fish in constant motion to survive, thus arriving at the beach fresh as the Japanese consumer likes.

This story highlights the importance of creative thinking in Facing challenges and looking for new solutions to achieve success.

Creating an environment that supports creativity:

In light of the Egyptian state’s efforts to facilitate ways of creativity for young people, and to provide more training and qualification opportunities for them, we find that there is an urgent need to create an environment that supports creativity on the personal level, and perhaps this idea begins with choosing people with positive, cooperative mentalities that help you provide the greatest opportunities.

And ideas. Being in a stimulating environment helps you develop your skills faster and opens doors to new opportunities and unprecedented experiences.

Failure and boldness are the keys to success:

In the Japanese fisheries experience, we find that creative ideas arose as a result of two basic factors.

The first factor is going through a number of unsuccessful experiences. A person usually learns from his mistakes in a greater way than from his successes.

The second factor is confronting fears.

If we consider that the fishermen felt fear, From the experience of having a shark inside the fish tank to avoid eating them, the problem would have remained before them without a solution, and from here we must look at solutions with a view far from fear and out of the circle of safety, and think freely and creatively without hesitation or fear of criticism.

Daring in implementing creative ideas may be met with It begins with sarcasm, and ends with the question, “How did you do that?”

In the end, we must write our story in a distinctive, creative way without regard to the fears that haunt us.

We always strive to exploit the opportunities around us, and present a distinctive roadmap that clearly charts the path to the future, with absolute creativity.

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