Nizar el-Sisi writes for “Al-mawqe3 ” mango crusts

When I was a child, the mango fruit season was dissolving, my father would bring us a lot of house, and we would sit around it to share its fresh taste, he would give us the pulp and he would eat her peels. I asked him one day why do you eat mango crusts, Dad?!!! He looked at me with a smile and said: “I eat it so you don’t eat it”.

My wife brought me the fruit from the mango and I wished I could enjoy the taste that competed the bee witness, and I started cutting it when it exploded in my hand with his golden pulp and beautiful juice and before I put the first piece of it in my mouth, my little girl approached me and said, “Dad I want a piece” she smiled and gave her the part she got, and her second sister followed them asking for her share just like her sister… My joy in seeing them throw their faces at the pieces of manga, happiness and joy from their eyes as a warm morning sun after an unspeakable cold winter night.

And at a moment when I found myself in front of a saucer free of some mango crusts that were still stuck with small bits of original fruit crumbs, I began devouring mango crusts without thinking until I suddenly stopped to remember my father’s words…. Now only after all those years, it became clear to me the meaning of his words and what he meant by his phrase — only now I knew that my father’s true happiness was not a day of eating mango peels, but his real pleasure in seeing us eat the best part of it in front of him, was his immersive joy watching us get the best, purest and finest he ever gave us.

I asked myself then, how many mango did my father give us? Here I don’t mean that fruit itself, but I mean everything you symbolize in this life. Mango may be clothing, beta, bedding, comforting sleep or education. It may also be a touch of tenderness on the shoulder or a kiss on the face.

The parents’ mango is limitless, and no one can assess the price of it…. Look around me to find children who do not appreciate the right of their parents and do not fulfil their right. As if the job of parents in this life is to make up pretexts that will deceive their lives, I see children who may be vanished until they calculate that they outnumber their people. I see children who reverent the word of the husband or wife in exchange for the tears of the mother or father. I see children who abandon their people in distant care homes and leave them to the mercy of strangers.

I see it all in myself, I say if it’s in my hands.
I paid my entire age for time to sit with my father one day before when he brought mango fruit to devour his crusts.

Instead, he just has the best in it, even if he asks me why I like eating crusts, I tell him:
“I eat it. I don’t even eat it.
To everyone whose father is still alive, may the words to his heart find proof… forgive and mercy our fathers and mothers and make them the people of the supreme paradise with your mercy, mercy of the mercy.
Oh, bless them and their best seal and bring us to heaven of bliss.

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