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Turkish Ambassador to Cairo: We congratulate Spain, Norway and Ireland for their honorable and just stance towards Palestine

By Manal Abdel Fattah

Turkish Ambassador to Cairo Salih Mutlu Shen said that breakfast is an essential meal in Turkish culture and that Turkey attaches great importance to promoting the traditions and culture of Turkish breakfast. ‏

This came during his speech at the breakfast held at the ambassador’s residence in Cairo on the occasion of World Breakfast Day. ‏

Ambassador Shen said that International Breakfast Day is celebrated around the world on June 2 every year. ‏

Ambassador Shen continued his speech by saying, “In Turkish culture, breakfast is considered a main meal.” For this reason, Türkiye attaches importance to promoting the culture and traditions of Turkish breakfast. All health experts stress the importance of starting the day with a strong and healthy breakfast

Therefore, breakfast has an indispensable place in Turkish food culture. ‏

Ambassador Shen said, “But unfortunately, in light of the humanitarian catastrophe that Gaza is witnessing today, it has become impossible to talk about access to food and shelter, even for children and women.”

More than 36 thousand Palestinian brothers and sisters were martyred in the war that Israel continues in Gaza despite international calls.‎

In addition, our Palestinian brothers, who are trying to survive in tents, on the streets and on sidewalks, are deprived of the minimum amount of health and food to sustain their lives. ‎

In the long term, lack of access to food can lead not only to illness, stress, stress and anxiety but also to major chronic diseases. Furthermore, access to healthcare in Gaza is currently very limited and insufficient

Regarding shelter, 70% of the homes in Gaza were destroyed, while many Palestinians who had already lost their homes and were displaced to the south at Israel’s invitation are trying to live in temporary tents. Many of our brothers lost their lives as a result of the Israeli bombing as part of the Rafah operation, in The places indicated by Israel. ‏

In other words, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to live as a human being and be safe anywhere in Gaza.
Turkey and Egypt were not indifferent to this humanitarian tragedy. Turkey, with the support of Egypt, has delivered tens of thousands of tons of food aid to Gaza since the beginning of the war.

Of course, the opening of the Karam Abu Salem border crossing to the arrival of the humanitarian aid expected in Egypt within the framework of the temporary solution reached between President Sisi and President Biden is a positive development, but unfortunately due to insufficient and poor security, a large portion of the humanitarian aid cannot be received and distributed. To those in need in Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing

We know that the platform built by America has also been destroyed, and the aid that can be delivered through this platform is already limited.

Therefore, the Rafah border crossing, which provides direct access from Egypt to Gaza, is indispensable for humanitarian aid.

However, Israel’s unjust and illegal occupation and control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing, in violation of the agreements reached, as well as the Rafah military operation, have temporarily disrupted the use of the Rafah border crossing. ‏

Türkiye demanded that Israel withdraw from the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing. Egypt also issued the same invitation. We support Egypt’s position on this issue. In order to deliver humanitarian aid urgently, Israel must withdraw from the Rafah border crossing as quickly as possible. The management of the crossing must be handed over to the Palestinians and humanitarian aid, especially food aid, must be delivered immediately

In this context, as you know, about 100,000 Palestinian brothers and sisters came to Egypt after October 7th. We know that the Egyptian authorities provide all kinds of understanding and support in the areas of health, shelter and food, using all the resources available to them.

We are trying to provide humanitarian support to our brothers in Gaza in Egypt as much as we can at this stage. The embassy will host 500 Palestinian families from Gaza on the second day of Eid and will distribute sacrificial meat and gifts.

As you know, the sensitivity of the Turkish position towards Gaza is echoed in our president’s calls to the international community

This difficult and catastrophic humanitarian situation made the international community remember and pay attention to the Palestinian issue

Finally, the recognition of the independent State of Palestine by Spain, Norway and Ireland is a very positive development and we welcomed this as well.

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan also visited Spain as part of the Contact Group for Arab-Islamic Countries. He met with the Spanish authorities

We extend our congratulations to Spain, Norway and Ireland for their honorable, strong and generous stance in favor of justice and truth

Ambassador Shen concluded his speech by saying, “We demand and expect the entire international community to recognize the independent and sovereign State of Palestine as soon as possible, accept it as a member of the United Nations, and pave the way for an irreversible two-state solution, so that Palestine can live a dignified and respectful life.” Human life on the 1967 borders

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