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Gamal kareen writes to Al Mawqa The United States and Israel are two faces on the same coin


How similar the night is to the night before,
Almost on October 19, 1973, America established a military air bridge to help Israel, After it was verified that it was on a path of defeat at the hands of Egyptians armed with Russian weapons.
Hundreds of tanks were crossing this bridge on their way to the El Arish airport, were arrived from the United States of America with driving crews, so the US has never and will never abandon its foster child, Israel, And for many reasons, what it is doing now in this regard exceeds what it did during the October War.
Today, there is no such thing as the Soviet Union, the great power at that time and the competition to Washington.
The help of US to Israel in 1973 was to protect the existence of the Jewish state and prevent the victory of the Soviet weapon over the American weapon.
But now that it is the only superpower without a competitor for the next ten years,
It is sticking its tongue to everyone and that whoever approaches Israel will be erased from existence, no matter of their strength and influence.
This is how the situation appears now, with the presence of the terrible American aircraft carrier near Israeli waters.
And the second carrier will arrive in just a couple of days.
Additionally to the multiple visits to Tel Aviv by American military and political officials, such as: Secretary of Defense Austin, Commander of the Central Region, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State Blinken, and the American President himself for their assistance and support.
Indeed, Sadat was an honest and experienced political leader who realised from the start of his duration, and who defeated Israel and its mighty army that the Americans hold 99% of the cards in the game of peace, These events validate Sadat’s great vision. And you can bet that American officials are now part of “The War Council” established by Netanyahu to attack Hamas. Which turned the tables on everyone and secured a huge victory, which Israel acknowledged, After the victory of October 1973 and crossing the Suez Canal and destroying the impregnable Bar Lev line in only 6 hours.
What the Arabs must do today is the following:
1- Pay attention to what is being planned for the region in order to restore Israel’s deterrent force, Which it obtained following the June 1967 war and redrawing the Middle East region, After the establishment of permanent peace and full normalisation with Israel by the majority of the conflicting countries. This is clear from the condemnation and denunciation coming from the mouths of Arab leaders and rulers, particularly collaborators and partners of Israel. These condemnations, which don’t fatten or feed hunger, didn’t lead to a firm and decisive response, such as recalling Arab diplomats from Tel Aviv and Washington. And insisting on not returning them until the Israeli army’s barbaric attack against our people in Gaza ceases.
2- Egypt and Jordan should strongly reject any proposal, whether from Israel, United States, or the West, their goal is to settle the people of Gaza in Sinai and the people of the West Bank in the Jordan Valley.
3- The call for an urgent Arab summit to discuss the repercussions of the crisis and the demand for Palestinian to unite together under the banner of the Palestine Liberation Organisation and depose Abu Mazen and select a new leadership that is more national and supported by everyone, so that we do not give Israel a pretext for not negotiating under the pretext of the division between Hamas and some factions such as the Jihad and Saraya al-Quds, and between the Palestine Liberation Organization with its glorious history of struggle against the brutal occupation. Many things, I believe, would change if this occurred, and the Palestinian cause would gather momentum and support from the majority of the world’s countries. The split and dividing of the ranks will only complicate matters, and Israel will be the only winner in the end.

جمال قرين يكتب لـ«الموقع» أمريكا وإسرائيل وجهان لعملة واحدة

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