The New Samsung Galaxy Watch Enhances Health and Fitness through the Integration of Galaxy AI features

Samsung has ushered in a new era of AI for mobile phones with the debut of the Galaxy S24 series, underscoring its commitment to expanding Galaxy AI capabilities across a diverse array of devices.

This commitment is further underscored by the inclusion of Galaxy AI features in the latest Galaxy Watch, enhancing health and fitness functionality.

By seamlessly integrating AI into its devices alongside the Samsung Health application, Samsung aims to deliver some of the most secure and private health experiences available today.

Comprehensive Insights and Motivational Support.

The drive for deep insights and sustained motivation has been a focal point for Samsung’s efforts in developing the health and wellness experience.

By harnessing meaningful and actionable data and insights, Samsung has sought to enhance its understanding of health patterns.

The integration of Galaxy AI features with the Samsung Health application introduces new functions that offer comprehensive health insights and motivational support, enriching daily well-being.

The Energy Score feature, for example, provides a holistic view of one’s daily status by analyzing personal health metrics like sleep, activity, and heart rate, empowering users to confidently manage their day.

Additionally, the Wellness Tips feature offers bespoke motivational insights and guidance to help users achieve their health goals.

Advanced Algorithms and Personalized Insights.

The quest for more accurate and reliable results has led Samsung to focus on precise and comprehensive health metrics as the foundation for superior smart health experiences.

Through enhanced health algorithms and advanced tracking tools, users can expect more personalized and actionable insights when combined with AI.

Recognizing the importance of restful sleep, Samsung is refining its sleep AI algorithm to provide detailed insights into sleep patterns. Newly introduced Sleep Insights indicators offer a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality, including movement during sleep, time spent in bed, heart rate variability, and respiratory rate during sleep, enhancing understanding of sleep patterns and fostering healthy habits.

The latest fitness features offer intelligent and seamless assessments of physical capabilities for personalized training, akin to those provided by highly advanced equipment. Detailed metrics for the Aerobic Threshold (AT) and Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) heart rate zones, alongside the ability to calculate Functional Threshold Power (FTP) metrics within 10 minutes for cyclists, enhance training effectiveness. Fitness tracking tools enable convenient monitoring of workouts and progress, while the new Workout Routine feature allows users to seamlessly transition between different exercises for a personalized workout experience.

The Race tool enables users to monitor progress and elevate performance during running or cycling by comparing current and past performance on the same tracks.

“By expanding the capabilities of Galaxy AI in our ecosystem, we aim to unlock new horizons and opportunities, empowering users with more privacy and intelligence through enhanced and connected experiences,” stated Junho Park, Vice President and Head of Galaxy Ecosystem Planning Team at Samsung’s Mobile Device Experience Business.

“The integration of Galaxy AI features in the Galaxy Watch is just the beginning of this initiative, and we look forward to unveiling additional integration processes across our Galaxy product lineup in the near future.”

These new features will be available in the upcoming range of Galaxy Watch through the One UI 6 Watch interface, set to be released later this year.

Selected Galaxy Watch users will have the opportunity to experience the Beta starting in June.

This preview offers a glimpse of the offerings available in the Samsung store, as the Company prepares to showcase the full potential of Galaxy AI alongside advanced hardware upgrades in the new Galaxy Watch series.

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