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Director of the Samsun Archaeological Museum: 100,000 visitors in the last two months… and we seek cooperation with Egypt

Turkey – Manal El Warraky:

Within the city of Samsun, the capital of the northern Turkish state of Samsun, the Samsun Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, famous for the Samsun Archaeological Museum, is located in the exhibition area in the city center, which was opened to visitors in 1981, to be a witness to the history of the transformations of the northern city.

During a tour inside the museum, the director of the Samsun Archaeological Museum, Cemal Yilmaz, said that the museum is the newest museum of antiquities that was built according to geometric styles inspired by the waves of the sea, and one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the city of Samsun, as it displays the history and culture of the region through… A variety of archaeological exhibits and artistic artifacts.

Yilmaz added that the museum contains artifacts dating back to ancient times, the Roman and Byzantine eras, in addition to a variety of paintings and statues.

In his response to Al-Shorouk’s questions about the level of demand for the Archaeological Museum in Samsun, he explained that it received a large share of visitors, exceeding 100,000 visitors in the last two months alone, who enjoyed the historical legacy.

The director of the Samsun Museum of Archeology and Ethnography stressed that Egypt is a country rich in such museums that display its antiquities and rich history, indicating his endeavor to cooperate with Egypt in this field, as well as his government’s efforts to reach and attract Egyptian tourists interested in this.

Yilmaz attributed the increase in the number of visitors to the fact that the Archaeological Museum in Samsun is one of the most important landmarks of the city, and includes a large collection of historical artifacts, which enables visitors to easily explore various exhibits that reflect the culture and history of the region, including coins, ancient statues, jewelry, pottery, and daily life tools. .

He added that the museum also provides detailed information about the artifacts and their history, and helps to learn about the ancient civilizations that passed through this geographical spot on the earth, as the antiquities and collectibles inside it constitute a witness to this bag that dates back to the Bronze, Roman, and Greek ages.

By reviewing a brochure for the Archaeological Museum in Samsun, it was found that through the museum visitors can experience the effects of the Greek ruler Amissus in the eighth century BC. The museum contains the Amisos treasury, which includes his jewelry, ornaments, and cloth, as well as coins dating back to the Greek, Greek, Roman, Seljuk, Ottoman, and modern eras.

The museum also contains statues and the crown of one of the Roman Caesars, clay vessels, many stones, precious stones, jewelry, and drawings of palaces that were built more than a thousand years ago, as well as some collectibles that indicate that while humans were evolving biologically, they were developing their tools that improved their ability to adapt to their environment. .

Therefore, visiting the museum is an opportunity to learn about different environments and their lifestyle, and gives the visitor space to learn about the ethnographic antiquities and artifacts collected from Samsun and its surrounding areas in different historical eras.

Among the oldest pieces in the collection are a bronze spearhead engraved on both sides, skulls that underwent surgery in the Early Bronze Age, and a bronze athlete statue, which is a copy of the original from the fifth century BC.

The exhibition also includes some stone sculptures and statues dating back to different historical periods, which were discovered during archaeological excavations in the city of Samsun.

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